vote democratic november 5th

2019 Election Dates


November 5, 2019

Polls are open from 6AM - 8PM

Make a PLAN to vote.

Sample Ballot

Support & Vote for our Democratic Candidates.

Click HERE to view a sample ballot for Raritan Township NJ Residents

Where to Vote

There are several polling places, but you will need to know where you should vote based on where you live.

Click HERE for Raritan Township Polling Locations 

Vote By Mail

Unable to get to the polls?

You can now Vote By Mail if you are unable to get to the polls on election day... or even if you want to just vote in advance.

Click Here for your VBM application.

Vote Early - In Person

Your other "early voting" option is to go to the Hunterdon County Clerk's office during specific hours available for voting.

You will fill out an application with the 1st floor staff.  Once that is complete you will go to the Clerk's conference room where you will be given a ballot specific to your municipality.

 Early Voting Hours have not yet been determined.  Check back soon for an update. 

Register to Vote

If you want to vote, you must register in advance of an election. Voting and registering to vote does not increase your chances of being selected for jury duty. 

You must register to vote 21 days before Election Day in order to vote in an upcoming election. 

It's fast, easy and FREE.

Change Party Affiliation

If you are currently a registered voter and want to change your party affiliation, you may do so at any time.... 

However,  Declaration must be filed no later than 55 days preceding the primary in which the voter wishes to vote. 

An unaffiliated voter can affiliate with the Democratic or Republican Party on the day of the primary. 

Click HERE to change Party Declaration

Voting District

Raritan Township is comprised of 21 voting districts.   

Not sure which district you reside in?  The link below displays a map of the Raritan Township Election Districts.  Look for your place of residence on the map and match it up with the color coded Election District Chart

Click HERE for the Election District Map

Board of Elections

 The Hunterdon County Board of Elections is responsible for the operation of all primary, general and school elections.  

 In order to maintain the integrity of these elections with checks and balances, the BOE works in cooperation with the Hunterdon County Clerk. 


The Board is also responsible for the maintenance of the Hunterdon County Voter Database, the coordination of the operations of the district polling places which include  the hiring of  poll workers, maintaining the electronic voting machines for all the current 116 election districts and canvasing the absentee and provisional ballots for each election. 

Click HERE for more info on

The Board of Elections

County Clerk

The Hunterdon County Clerk works in cooperation with the Hunterdon County Board of Elections in order to maintain integrity and transparency in the election process.

You can register to vote, request a vote by mail ballot, vote early in person at the County Clerk's office. which is located at 71 Main Street in Flemington.  Expanded hours are usually offered leading up to an election.

Click HERE for more information on the County Clerk 

Change of Address

If you have moved within the state of New Jersey you will need to notify the Board of Elections of your address change in order to vote in your new polling district.

You would complete a NJ Voter Application Form and select the "Change Address Box". 

You can also choose to apply for permanent Vote By Mail status when changing your address.

Click HERE for a FORM

Who Can Vote

To register to Vote in NJ you must be

  • A United States Citizen
  • At least 17 years old to register, though you may not vote until you have reached the age of 18
  • A resident of the county for 30 days before the election
  • A person NOT currently serving a sentence, probation or parole because of felony conviction

Click HERE for additional information